A Place Where Royals Are Bred

Kingdom International Acquisitions Inc. is an employment agency contracted by TNI the Network Inc. to help them fulfill fundraising initiatives for their non-profit clients. At Kingdom International Acquisitions, we are always on the search for talented fundraisers! On site, we hire, train, manage and support TNI’s employees to help them reach their full potential. We pride ourselves in offering outstanding leadership and advancement opportunities. TNI The Network Inc. is proud to provide nation-wide fundraising services through a network of agencies located throughout Canada!


Join Us in Our Journey

We are more than a face-to-face fundraising team. Together, we make an impact on the world by pooling the strengths of each of our members. At Kingdom International Acquisitions, we encourage each other to grow as individuals and as a team. Our impact is made possible by the amazing partners and clients we join hands with, including the Canadian Red Cross, UNICEF, CNIB, and Plan International Canada.

Kingdom Team Photo
KIA Hope

Our Mission

We aim to be willing vessels that share our light with each other and then to the world at large through cultivating long-term relationships built on excellence with our clients. We aim to work at every assignment  for our clients like we are working for God.

KIA Team Vision

Our Vision

To provide a team culture that encompasses all round growth (personal, relational, professional and financial) while reflecting the values of the Kingdom of God such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.

KIA Values

Our Values

Respect – We thrive on the value of respect for each other, our partners, and the clients we represent.
Honesty – We strive for an integrous representation of ourselves and our clients.
Love – We are driven by love. Be it for people, God, ourselves etc.
Hard Work – We believe in working at everything like we are working for God

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